“Stuber” is a tired and bleak cop comedy.

I’ll start off by saying that I had zero preconceptions for this movie. Any movies that involve wrestlers-turned-actors (I’m looking at you Dwayne Johnson) turn me off. I wanted to give Dave Bautista’s acting chops a chance. I thought it’d be refreshing to see him as a normal human and not a guardian of the galaxy. I was oh so wrong. I’m honestly glad that I went ahead and saw it so I can inform you to not waste your time and money on this half-baked film.

This movie had plenty of potential. The plot was predictable and the twist came as no surprise to me. It was filled with lots of cheap humor that warranted zero laughs. Seriously though, not a soul laughed in the entirety of the hour and a half we were in there. Which says something when the movie is marketed as an action-comedy.

While the casting was not particularly bad the actors that were chosen for some of the smaller parts were severely underused. Dave Bautista and Kumail Nanjiani are comedy gold and their chemistry is on point through the movie. Bautista was fine. I thought he did great with what he was given. Nanjani’s character is often annoying at times. He never stops doing two things: whining and trying to woo a girl that is clearly never going to look his way in more than a friend way. It was a bit strange to see Bautista and Nanjiana in more serious roles. But with that being said, their parts were the only parts that were even remotely enjoyable. Karen Gillan, Bautista’s Guardians of the Galaxy┬ácostar, and Iko Uwais give good performances for what they are given.

The action shots are choppy and shaky. But the action sequences and fight scenes also have a surprise grit to them.

On a completely different note, one of the only refreshing moments of the movie is the little dabble in toxic masculinity. It was minor but it was a nice touch.

On the bright side though, there is a really cute dog. The movie gets a few extra pointers in my book for including a cute dog who also gets a really sweet ending.

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This was one of my shorter blogs but only because there wasn’t much to say about it. It’s once again very predictable and riddled with cheap humor. I wouldn’t ever have to watch it again after seeing it the one time. I beg you to wait to watch it when it cycles the cable channels or when it hits the RedBox machines.

Rating: 4/10


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